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Ines Thompson, Beverly Hills (Buyer) 2 years ago

“We saw a few different agents before we settled with Patrick Brown.

My husband and I were new to LA and he took the time to show us the city so we understood all our options, and then worked with us to focus our search and criteria. He didn’t waste our time with properties that weren’t a good fit and also helped us move quickly when there was something he knew we’d like – which is critical given how quickly the market moves here in LA.

We have found a home we absolutely love, and without Patrick I don’t think we’d have secured it at all, let alone for the competitive price that we did. He not only understands the market and reads individual needs well, he is also an expert with the purchasing process which helped us overcome the inevitable hurdles along the way – securing a loan, getting inspections done within deadlines, negotiating reductions etc.

I couldn’t recommend Patrick highly enough and will definitely use him again.. when the time comes!”