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Loren Lyons, Granada Hills, CA (Seller) about a year ago

“I have bought and sold houses for a decades now, but my experience with Patrick Brown last year opened my eyes to what a top-notch, dedicated and engaged person can accomplish. He helped me sell my house in a week and went all in on marketing, behind the scenes research as well as brain storming with me the client. He got a record breaking price for my house in our area and I knew he really believed it could be done. He was so easy to talk to and work out strategies with, no ego, just a well informed skill set. And not once, even when I knew he was busy, did I feel like he was phoning it in. Seriously, I am a bit of a cynic with business and he redeemed my faith that there are good, caring professionals out there that have pride in their work all the way to the end. He is thorough and has a very excellent way about him working with people both me, and our buyer. You cannot go wrong with Patrick!”